Tandem Skydiving Jumps & Pricing

Tandem jumps

Experience the thrill of a lifetime as you free fall at speeds over 200km before enjoying the scenic views of Darwin’s magnificent coast line as you parachute down to a soft landing on Lee Point beach.

20 second free fall

8,000 Feet

Great for first time jumpers or for those who enjoy the scenic views more than the adrenaline pumping free fall.

35 second free fall

10,000 Feet

Step it up a notch and earn some bragging rights with your mates. This ain’t no theme park ride, it’s time to buckle up.

45 second free fall

12,000 Feet

This is the big one. The whole-nine-yards. It’s a long way down. Strap in and get the adrenaline turned up to 11.


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Best thing I've ever done! Sarah
The views can only be described as spectacular! Timothy
I felt relaxed and totally safe, highly recommended. Shir
Brilliant, should have done this years ago! John

Capture your tandem jump

While you’re taking it all in, your tandem master will capture high definition footage and photos of your jump. Edited into your own heart-pumping action sports video, you’ll be able to relive, and share, your experience with family and friends.

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Capture the thrill

Video & images package


It's the best way to relive your tandem skydive. Your media package includes:

  • Edited, high definition, action video of your jump
  • Collection of high resolution images from your jump

Delivered on a USB stick for easy storage and transfer, you can experience your tandem jump again and again.

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Jump information

Starting at the General Aviation Waiting Room and landing on Lee Point Beach, it's easy to get dropped off for your jump and have your friends and family meet you at the landing zone.

Take off location

All jumps begin at the General Aviation Waiting Room in the chart air car park at Darwin International Airport. We’ll take you through the jump process and training so that you’re ready to complete your jump.

Landing location

No fields or backwater landing locations here! We’ll come down to a soft landing on the beautiful Lee Point Beach. The views on approach are spectacular.

Frequent customer questions

Got a question about tandem skydiving? Chances are we've answered it. Here are our most commonly asked questions.

Can anybody do a tandem skydive?

Yes! Anyone from the age of 12 years and up and in generally good health can enjoy tandem skydiving. Maximum weight is 105 kilos.

How long will my skydive take?

Your tandem skydive experience will take around 1 hr, so allow 1.5hrs to include travel.

Do I need to book?

Yes please! To ensure you get to jump on the day and time that you want, you will need to book in advance. Bookings can be made through the website, or just give us a call on 0417 190 140.

What do I wear?

The main thing is to dress comfortably and dress according to the weather. Make sure you wear shoes that will not fall off. We suggest shoes such as runners/joggers. Usually shorts and a t shirt will suffice

Does the height of the jump really matter?

The higher you go, the more freefall you get! We open the parachute at the same height regardless on every jump.

When do you jump?

Depending on our availability of jump masters and pilots. We will do our best to have you skydive on your special day.

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