Posted on 14 June, 2016 in Video & Images

What does my jump action video and photo package include?

What does my jump action video and photo package include?

Action video, and you're the star

The video is a 6 minute personalised mini movie, starring you! It captures all the action from gear up, at the air port, to touch down on the beach. This way you can relive the rush and prove to non-believers that you actually jumped out of a plane! Both your video and photos will be delivered on a USB stick, making it easy to transfer your media onto your computer or personal device.

As they say, "Pictures, or it didn't happen!"

Our photos are sensational and tell a great story in themselves! Photos are taken before you get in the plane, of the awesome scenery on the flight up, then when the door opens, while you are in the door about to jump out, the entire freefall, half of the canopy ride and the parachute landing on the beach. The photos are high quality and resolution so you can choose to enlarge them bigger than life size if you wish! Perfect for canvases and books, or just to go on Facebook! Anywhere between 100 to 200 photos are taken, the number depends on the height of your jump.

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